Our Guarantee To You

You're protected. Here's how:

Whether you're buying or selling tickets on our site, Ticket Right safeguards your entire transaction from fraud and other dangers with our worry-free guarantee!

Your tickets will always:

  • arrive in time for the event
  • be real, legitimate tickets valid for entry
  • be the exact tickets you ordered or comparable alternates
  • be completely refunded (minus shipping) if the event is cancelled

Why You're Secure:

Ticket Right operates a rating system that ranks the sellers who resell tickets through our Exchange based on past order behavior and purchase efficiency. We use this system in order to ensure that our customers are treated as responsibly as possible by the sellers in our network. We expect the very best service for our customers and constantly review ticket sellers in order to ensure they provide the best possible service!

We rank and rate sellers on such issues as:

  • how quickly they confirm orders
  • how many orders they accept (vs. reject)
  • how quickly they ship tickets to customers
  • how often customers have to contact Ticket Right with order issues

The rating system detailed above is individualized for every ticket seller and calculated on a systematic basis with hundreds of behaviorally-triggered touch points. The ratings for ticket sellers are therefore constantly in flux and constantly updated so as to ensure consistently superior service for Ticket Right customers.

Importantly, too, the rating of each seller determines:

  • the types of events for which they’re allowed to list tickets
  • the number of events for which they’re allowed to list tickets
  • the types of tickets they’re allowed to resell
  • the number of tickets they’re allowed to list
  • the fee charged by Ticket Right for accessing our Exchange

We at Ticket Right reserve the right to limit the rights of sellers to sell tickets through our Exchange in response to any customer service situation. Penalties in this regard can range from fines imposed by Ticket Right to outright exclusion from our marketplace. Sellers therefore have every incentive to treat our customers with respect.

You’re always protected when you order through Ticket Right!

Complete Text of our Guarantee:

Ticket Right guarantees that the following will be true for all event tickets ordered through TicketRight.com.

All tickets are legitimate tickets, valid for entry.

All the tickets sold on Ticket Right are guaranteed to be authentic tickets valid for entry to the event concerned. Customers should contact their ticket seller ASAP if there is any problem using their tickets at the venue. Customers need to access evidence of invalidity from the venue in those cases when the ticketing issue is not resolved. Ticket Right requires this evidence in order to obtain a refund from the ticket seller who supplied the order. The evidence could range from a letter from the venue or even a simple email identifiably from venue personnel verifying that there was a problem scanning the tickets.

All tickets we deliver will be the same, equal, or better than what was originally requested.

Ticket Right expects the sellers who list tickets on our Exchange to provide the seating they advertise or else provide equal or superior seating. Sellers are expected to contact customers proactively to confirm any significant seating changes vis-à-vis the initial section and row of a ticket order. Customers should contact Ticket Right ASAP if they are unhappy with any alternate tickets and we will investigate the issue for the customer in order to reach an amicable conclusion.

All tickets will be delivered before the event itself.

All deliveries are made to the address listed by the purchaser in the appropriate textboxes during checkout. We guarantee that the tickets will be shipped to the purchaser in sufficient time so that at least one delivery attempt is made before the event occurs. Please note that the purchaser is responsible for making himself or herself available to receive delivery of the tickets when a delivery attempt is made. Ticket Right will coordinate with the ticket seller for compensation in those cases when sellers do not ship or do not otherwise deliver tickets in time for customers to access them for the event.

If an event is permanently cancelled, a refund will be issued.

Ticket Right will coordinate with the selling broker to provide the purchaser a full refund of the ticket order, excluding delivery fees. Please note that the ticket seller may require the purchaser to return the tickets prior to issuing a refund.